How to use Combination Chart in Excel

Combination chart combines one or two types chart in Single chart. Use of this type of chart arises when you are using two different types of data like percentage vs numbers etc.

Creating Combination chart

  1. First arrange your data. Here we have taken. Below is sample data.Combo Chart Excel
  2. Select your data range, in our case its A1:C6. Combo Chart
  3. Go to insert tab and click on Combo chart icon. Now select Create Custom Combo Chart.
    Combo Chart in Excel
  4. Now Change Profit (required data set in your case) to secondary axis by selecting secondary axis. Click on OK. Combo Chart in Excel
  5. Combination chart will be ready in excel sheet. Combo Chart in Excel

This has method applies to MS Excel 2016.

For older version of Excel not having Combo chart option refer below link to guide

Combining different chart types on Single Chart – MS Excel