Sum of values between two dates range in Excel 2019

To add data in excel which lies between two dates, SUMIFS function can be used. SUMIFS function is used to add data which meet multiple conditions or criteria. To Sum of values between two dates range in Excel use below method.


Sample data we are using is of a sale from 1 March to 6 March 2017. Now we need sum of sale after 2 March and before 5 March.

 =SUMIFS(Sale data range ,date range,">"&B10,date range,"<"&B11) 

Here we have used logical operator (>) in double quotes. Whenever logical operator is to be used for criteria provide it in double quotes with ampersand (&) and cell reference else formula will result in error.
Now for working of formula Sale data range is range where you want to search for your data in sample case its sale data in cell B2 to B7. Date range is cell where dates of sale are mentioned in sample case its A2 to A7. Note if you want to include start date and end date in search by formula you will have to use “>=” and “<=”.