WhatsApp new feature – Delete for everyone: How to use WhatsApp delete for everyone feature

WhatsApp has introduced new delete for everyone feature. This was introduced with stable version v2.17.395. Initially it was rolled for selected users but now it’s available for all users. This is a long time awaited feature for Whatsapp. Whatsapp is loading its available features for quite some time now. Whatsapp is at high for introducing new feature – another newly added feature is – Share live location.

How to use delete for everyone feature of WhatsApp

Sometime or other you may have been caught in a situation of sending a wrong WhatsApp message to someone.  This new feature has come to rescue of people stuck in a situation like this. To use this feature you must update version of WhatsApp messenger installed on your smartphone.


To delete a message follow these simple steps on your android smartphone

  1. Long tap to select message you want to delete.
  2. Tap on trash icon on top bar.
  3. You will be presented with options
    • Delete for me
    • Cancel
    • Delete for everyone.WhatsApp delete for everyone feature
  4. Tap on delete for everyone.

This will delete message for everyone.

Here is the catch

There lies a major catch to this feature. To delete a message you must delete it within seven minutes of sending message. Another catch is that receivers WhatsApp must be updated to current version with this feature. This feature does not function as it does not exist in older versions of WhatsApp.