How to mail merge in Microsoft Word – Quick Guide

Mail Merge is a process of using a single data file and creates multiple documents with similar layout and text. Sections of the merged documents are personalized as provided by user. Word has inbuilt option to create emails, letters, labels and directory using mail merge feature. But you can use it to invoices, reports etc.

The merging process require three main components

  1. Main document
  2. Data file (can be an excel file, csv file, access database etc)
  3. Finally the merged document

How to mail merge in Microsoft Word

Now in order to create mail merge you need to create your main document we are using an invitation letter here.

    1. Frame your main document – Go to Mailing tab and click on start mail merge. Now select which document you want to create Letter, Email, Envelopes, Labels or Directory. We are creating letter and will select it. Once you are through with your main documents, save the document. Now you can look into what fields (like name, address, email address, mobile etc.) needed to be filled in your main document from database file.
    2. Create a recipient list or data base – file for fields you have listed in main document. This can be created in mail merge process itself or it can be an excel document. In both cases each column is field and each row represents a new record. Now in mailing tab select recipient list. You can straight away use it or customize fields. Keep on adding new entries by clicking on new entry. In case you want to delete a field, select the field and delete it using option provided for it. Once you have created list click on OK, you will be asked to save your list in next step.create recipient list for mail merge
    3. Merge document and recipient list – once you are through with your list in main document select the text you want to be filled from your list and from Write and Insert Fields menu click on insert merge field, followed by select the field name. Similarly complete the whole process for you all fields. Finally finish merging from Finish menu in Mailings tab by clicking on Finish and Merge.create new recipient list
    4. Finish and Merge – By clicking on this menu item three options will come upFinish menu for mail merge in Microsoft Word
      1. Edit Individual Documents – This will create a new word document with all merged documents, in sequence as per you recipient list. This comes handy if you want to check your individual documents before printing.
      2. Print Documents – Using this option you can directly print documents.
      3. Send E Mail Messages – This option process all document through Outlook and sent email messages mentioned in recipient list.