Trick to hide WhatsApp photos from Android gallery

Watsapp has one or other images / vidoes which you might not want to come in your android gallery. Hide whatsapp photos from android gallery is very simple, you don’t need any third party application for it.

Hide WhatsApp photos from Android gallery

  1. On your computer create a blank file with name .nomedia. This file can be easily created in command prompt. I created a blank text file in Notepad application on my Computer. Then in command prompt renamed it to .nomedia.
  2. Now copy this file from your computer to your whatsapp folder on your mobile. Once this file is copied Android gallery won’t show images for that folder. The same can be repeated for videos folder also.

.nomedia file can also be created using ES File Explorer app. Just create a new file from ES File Explorer menu, inside Whatsapp images folder.

I have found this method to be compatible from Android Jelly bean onward.