How to merge multiple PowerPoint presentation slides into single presentation

In case you want to merge PowerPoint Presentation slides from different files to a single file, you can you PowerPoint inbuilt option of reuse slides.

Merge PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Open you Presentation.
  2. On Home menu Click on New Slide and select last option of Reuse slide.
  3. Now browse for File you want to insert slides from.
  4. Once you have opened slide just click on slide you want to insert.Merge PowerPoint Presentation 01
  5. In case you don’t want to lose formatting of your slide just select option Keep source formatting on bottom of Reuse slides. If you don’t select this option formatting from base slide will be taken

This option to Merge PowerPoint Presentation by reusing slides is available only on newer versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, it might not work with some older versions of Microsoft office. Also not only one slide is inserted at time by reusing of slides, you have keep on clicking on slides till you have finished selected all slides you need.