How to use Mount command in Linux

All formatted file system in Linux need to be mount before you start using them. To mount / unmounts a file system, you need to mount command in Linux.

Before mounting a file system you need to have a mount point. Mount point is directory you create for mounting a file system.

The list of all file system that are currently mounted on system are listed in file –


To view currently mounted file systems type command

cat /etc/mtab

The list of all file system that will be mounted at time of booting of system are listed in file –


Like mtab you can fstab mount points by

cat /etc/fstab

1. List current mounts

To view all currently mounted file systems/mount points you can simply use mount command in Linux without any arguments.

2. Mount fstab file systems in Linux

To mount all file systems / mount points in fstab use

mount –a

This will mount all file system in fstab file.

To mount a specific mount point use command

mount /mount_point_name

3. Mount CD-ROM in Linux

To use CD-ROM in your system use mount command in Linux , after you have created mount point CD

mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/cdrom /CD

-ro mounts CD-ROM with read only access

4. Mount USB Disk in Linux

Once you plug in your USB disk new block device will be created in /dev directory

View details of your usb disk

fdisk –l

Below is output of this command you can see usb is listed in end as /dev/sdb1

Mount usb in linux
Mount usb in Linux

Once you know you device name create a mount point and run command

mount –t vfat /dev/sdb1 /mnt

refer above image

This will mount contents of usb to /mnt directory.

5. Mount an ISO image file in Linux

ISO image file can be mounted with loop device ( option –o loop is used for it)

mount -t iso9660 -o loop stars.iso /mnt

This will mount stars.iso file to /mnt mount point.

6. Mount Windows NTFS Partition in Linux

Like in case usb first view details of your ntfs partition

fdisk –l

Now use mount command to mount your NTFS partition

mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt/

This will mount your ntfs partition to mnt folder in root of your file-system If you want to mount your ntfs partition at start-up follow guide – Mount NTFS partition at startup.

To unmount a file system in Linux you have to use umount command. I will update this tutorial soon.