How to setup VNC server on Fedora Linux


VNC is Server client software used to connect remote systems. I have used VNC extensively to connect across Remote Windows system. But this time I wanted to use VNC to connect Linux system from a Windows system.  Best part is you can access multiple users of your Linux system. This guide will help you setup VNC server on your Linux system.

My Linux system has Fedora 20 installed on it


Since VNC is a compact application I like it as its fast and can be used to connect across different OS.

Step to Setup VNC Server on Linux system

Check your system

First you need to check your system for installed VNC server package, in terminal mode type

rpm –q  tigervnc-server

This will show package if it is installed by default in your Fedora 20 Linux box.

Installation of VNC Server on Linux

If not installed install it using yum

yum install vnc-server

Once installed again check status using rpm –q command.

Now you have to configure users who can access this system using VNC.

Configuration of VNC Server in Fedora Linux

Change to Root user and copy file /etc/systemd/system/vncserver@.service

cp etc/systemd/system/vncserver@.service /etc/systemd/system/vncserver@:2.service

vi /etc/systemd/system/vncserver@:2.service

Remove <USER> with user name you want to provide access to

I have added user adatt as user one to add more user just create additional files. Basically we have provided vnc display 2 to adatt.

Setup VNC Server in Fedora

vnc configuration in Fedora

One you have added user change to user in terminal mode and configure vnc password for that user.

Root cannot configure vnc password for other user and by default root cannot be accessed using vnc.

Once you have logged in as user type command vncpasswd. You will be asked for VNC password and for it verification.

Start Service – VNC Server from teminal

Final Step for Setup VNC Server is to Start and enable the vncserver service.

systemctl enable vncserver@:2.service

systemctl start vncserver@:2.service

To access Remote Fedora from Windows system, first install vnc-viewer. Once installed open vnc-viewer and give ip address of Remote System followed user number.

Like I am going use to access adatt user.

You can also use Remote host name in place of ip address.

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