Grow Jalapeno Pepper from seeds

The jalapeno Pepper is a medium-sized pod shaped capsicum chili. Jalapeno chili originates from Mexico. Jalapeno plant is about 2-31/2 feet.

How to grow Jalapeno Pepper from seeds

Growing Jalapeno Pepper from seeds is similar to any other Chili. Since the plant not very big you can grow it in an 18 inch pot. It doesn’t need much of Water or fertilizer.

I prefer to grow jalapeno pepper from seed in my homemade compost and Soil mix. Mix should be well draining as Jalapeno doesn’t like moist conditions. Put few Jalapeno seeds and covered them lightly with soil mix. For next few days I watered those seeds lightly as they need moisture till seedlings come out. My seeds sprouted in 7 Days. Normal period for sprouting is anywhere between 5-20 Days. I had sown six seeds out of which only 3 emerged.

I will leave one these on which goes stronger rest will be removed as I don’t want my pot to be crowded. As of now I have three seedling.

Once grown up Pepper Plant need water daily. Once Plant establishes plant it a Sunny location so it gets enough sunlight (5-6 hours) but it should not be scorching hot.

My three Seedling started to show true leaves growth after 11 Days since sowing seed.

Grow Jalapeno from Seeds

Will Post my Updates once plant grow bigger.