Secure your Windows 7 computer to ask for Start up password using syskey

SysKey is an in-built Windows utility. It helps in securing the  SAM database.  Using this tool Windows can be configured to ask for the password before actual user password.

Please remember this password is separate from user password i.e. user login will have to be done.[adsenseyu1]

Additionally if you want Syskey can configure to usb stick as key for your computer. This we will cover in separate tutorial

Procedure of configuring Start UP password in Windows 7

  1. In start menu -> Search Box -> type syskey and press enter.
  2. User Account Control will ask for permission to open syskey. Press Yes.
  3. Securing the Windows Account Database will appear. Click on Updatesyskey_1
  4. Now Click on Enter Password and Confirm it. Click OK.syskey_2
  5. A message The Account Database password has been changed will appear click on OK.

Next time when you will switch on your PC it will ask for start-up password after Windows boots.