Herb Garden – How to grow Mint from cutting

After Oregano I am trying to grow Mint from cutting. I have read Mint grows quiet easily. I bought Mint leaves and separated thicker stems for my cutting.


I have cut five 10 cm long cutting. All cuttings have a node at its bottom. It’s hot out here in Delhi around 28-30 Degree Celsius.

Media I have chosen a mix of soil with homemade organic compost.

All cuttings have been stick to ground with 3 cm below soil. Ensure no leaves touch soil.

Ensure cutting get enough moisture. I water my cutting once in every day with frequent spray of water using a spray gun. Target is cuttings should not lose moisture. You can cover it with transparent Plastic Bottle or sheet. But care should be taken too much dampness cause fungal growth.

Update after 4 days

Heat has taken its toll all leaves have weathered with a little of Green left.  It seems the cuttings lost moisture even after frequent water spraying. I had not covered my cuttings, due to hot weather. Moisture was lost fast. But I still have hope they will propagate.


Update 7 Days

Green growth is coming up. New leave are coming up in four cuttings. One cutting has not responded yet.