How to enable Hotspot in Android phone

You be connected to internet and will be able to surf now.

Hotspot is a feature of android phone which allows you share you internet connection of mobile with another device. Since you are using your mobile internet for this, keep a check on your Data usage.

Enabling hotspot on your mobile

  1. Go Settings option in your menu.[adsenseyu2]
  2. Touch on More settings this should be under Wireless and Networks options.
  3. In more settings tap on Tethering and portable hot spot.  Tap on portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
  4. Tap on configure you will be presented with security settings.
  • Under network SSID provide name for your Hotspot.
  • In security select WPA2 PSK.
  • In password give password for your hotspot.

Tap on Save to save your settings. Flick Portable Wi-Fi switch on top of menu to on position.

Connecting your device to mobile

  1. Go to your Laptop. Check for available Wi-Fi hotspots you will find your hotspot and connect to it. Enter your Network security key ( password set on mobile) .