Grow Oregano from seed

Oregano is widely used herb in Italian cooking. I thought of growing oregano for use at my home. Here I have posted step by step procedure for same. Also posted Picture of growth of my oregano plant. For this I choose a small 5” pot used soil, organic homemade compost and cocopeat in 1:1:1 ratio. My herb Garden already has mint, basil and Dill.

Oregano seed germination

Grow oregano from seed

  1. To soil mix so prepared I sprinkle seeds and sprayed water. Oregano seeds are very small tend to flow if heavy water is poured.Oregano seeds
  2. Now I Covered these with Oregano seeds these seeds with Kitchen plastic wrap. This is done ensure moisture is retained as oregano required moist conditions for germinating.
  3. Packet mentioned a germination period of 8-15 day. My seedling emerged in 10 days.

Oregano seedling

Below is photograph of 25 days old oregano seedling they are naturally slow grower.

Oregano Seedling

I had heard that growing oregano from seed is very difficult. I had ordered my seeds from eBay. First try was really unsuccessful. out of almost 50 seeds only 1 seedling emerged which succumbed after few days.

I gave another try this time I bought seeds from a local seed supplier this time results were very encouraging as good as 70-80% seeds germinated. Also germination is most successful at 20-25 ° C.

Now I am going try Rosemary next time.

Any questioned welcome

Update Herb Garden – Oregano

Its almost 3 and half month since I have sown up these oregano seeds. Initially they were slow growing but now they are coming up really nice. Oregano has low Water requirements. I water them only once in Two days it not very hot as of Now. Maximum Day time temperature goes upto 25 ° C. I check if soil is Dry only then I water it. Trick is  Soil should not be soaky nor should be completely Dry. Another Updated Pic of My 3 month old Oregano.

They grow quite vigorously I have thinned density of oregano 4-5 times still it manages to get dense.