How to create Gantt Chart in Excel 2010

Gantt chart is a bar chart that illustrated project schedule. Gantt charts summarises the start and finish dates of the elements of a project.

Simple Gantt chart can easily be prepared in Excel. The Gantt Chart created here are in Excel 2010.

  1. List down activities for your project in one column.
  2. Adjacent two columns will have start and end day
  3. Next will be day number (refer below image).Gantt Chart
  4.  Plotting of Gantt chart will be done with help of condition formatting and an easy formula. We have used formula IF(AND(E$3>=$C4, E$3<=$D4),”Y”,””).  This will fill cell with Y if the cell represents DAY for the activity. Now apply conditional formatting to fill cell with desired color (Refer below).Gantt Chart_Conditional Formatting


Click here to download sample chart.