How to create Gantt Chart in Excel 2010

Gantt chart is a bar chart that illustrated project schedule. Gantt charts summarises the start and finish dates of the elements of a project.

Simple Gantt chart can easily be prepared in Excel. The Gantt Chart created here are in Excel 2010.

  1. List down activities for your project in one column.[adsenseyu1]
  2. Adjacent two columns will have start and end day
  3. Next will be day number (refer below image).Gantt Chart
  4. ¬†Plotting of Gantt chart will be done with help of condition formatting and an easy formula. We have used formula IF(AND(E$3>=$C4, E$3<=$D4),”Y”,””).¬† This will fill cell with Y if the cell represents DAY for the activity. Now apply conditional formatting to fill cell with desired color (Refer below).Gantt Chart_Conditional Formatting


Click here to download sample chart.