Top 7 Battery saving tips for android mobile

Android smart phone with its ever connectivity with internet is a power tool, but comes with a drawback high power requirement.  Below are some tips which can help you in enhancing battery life to certain extend

Top Battery saving tips for android mobile

  1. Screen

    – First and foremost as screens are getting bigger and bigger, they are draining most of battery. To take control, just change the display brightness from settings. Firstly disable Adaptive brightness. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Display -> Brightness. There will be a toggle switch or tick slection button. Disable it from there.  Go to Menu -> Setting -> Display -> Brightness (More right more brightness). Reduce brightness to minimum suitable level. [adsenseyu2]

  2. Turn off all wireless functions

    – Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed.  Also disable GPS when navigation is not required. These all consume a hefty amount of battery. Drag drop menu from top of screen as disable all above settings.

  3. Apps

    – Close all applications which are not required from task manager.

  4. Sync and Auto refresh

    – All application auto refreshing status should be changed to manual refresh.  As when it sync it looks for active internet connection and refreshes content. Only auto enable auto refresh for application really needed. For email you can set timed sync schedule.

  5. Data Connection

    – Disabling Data connection is also helpful is saving battery. 2g/3g/4g LTE cellular networks are becoming faster and faster but so is battery consumption. Data connection will save a lot of battery. Also switching to a slower network may also help in some mobile phones. You can disable data connection from Quick setting menu. Long press on Mobile Data can take you details of data connection. Here you can change you Preferred network type from 4g to 3g to 2g. To disable network simply tap on Mobile data from Quick setting

  6. Wall Paper

    – Live or bright wall adds charm to android device. Paper consumes more of battery power, use darker wall paper and themes. Static wall paper are better and drain less of battery power.

  7. Battery consumption

    – Go to setting -> battery to see what consumes most of battery. This helps to keep check apps which are more drain on battery.

Write in comments if you want to add any battery saving tips