How to create FTP share in Windows 7 using IIS

Windows 7 PC can be used as FTP server (refer to Microsoft website for details of editions of Windows 7 which has ftp capabilities installed).


Configuration procedure  to setup FTP server on Windows 7


  1. First go to control panel -> programs and features.  Click on Turn Windows feature on or off.Windows 7 FTP server using IIS_1
  2. In next Windows select Internet Information Services along with ftp options as shown in below image.Windows 7 FTP server using IIS_2
  3. Now go to Control Panel-> System and Security -> Administrative tools-> Internet Information Services Manager.[adsenseyu2]Windows 7 FTP server using IIS_3

    Windows 7 FTP server using IIS_4
  4. Now right click on Sites and select Add Ftp Site…Windows 7 FTP server using IIS_5
  5. The Add Ftp Site wizard will open up Give FTP site name ( test in our case) and directory you want to share by FTP. Click on NextWindows 7 FTP server using IIS_6
  6. Now provide IP address of your server and select allow SSL. Click on next.Windows 7 FTP server using IIS_7
  7. Next windows will ask for user permission. Select basic Authentication. In order to allow specific user provide access to required user (should be a local user of your computer).  Provide necessary read /Write permission. And click on finishWindows 7 FTP server using IIS_7aWindows 7 FTP server using IIS_8
  8. Your ftp server should be running.You can test your ftp server by typing in address bar of web browser ftp://ip_address _of_your_server.  It will ask for user name and password, provide the same.