Setting Out of Office in outlook 2010

When you not in office, leaving for vacation or far from internet, you can set a out of office message so as people trying to contact can be aware of your out of office status. Outlook automatically responds to all mail with customized response you have left.

Setting Out of Office in outlook is fairly easy with options, providing flexibility of how do you want to send out of office message.

  1. Click on Menu item File.Out of Office Outlook 2010
  2. Click on Automatic replies (Out of Office).[adsenseyu2]
  3. Select Send Automatic Replies. If you want it to be active only during certain time range, you can provide same in second option, just below Send automatic replies.Out of Office Outlook 2010
  4. Now next option allows sending message to people in only in your organisation or people of your organisation and outside organisation. Under tab Inside My Organisation provide message for inside people ( Refer Image above).
  5. If you want to send message to people outside organisation go to outside my organisation tab, select Auto-reply to people outside my organisation and type message for people outside organisation (Refer below Image).Out of Office Outlook 2010

You must have exchange server to enable out of office in outlook 2010. This method will not work on POP, IMAP mail servers.