How to auto mount Windows NTFS partition in Fedora Linux at start up

Auto mounting Windows partition to Fedora Linux at start-up, can be done easily. Auto mounting will prevent you from hassle of mounting drive every time you want to use it. You must have root rights to complete this procedure.

1. Open terminal. Change to root by typing “su”and pressing enter. Authenticate by providing root password.

2. Type parted /dev/sda for SCSI disk or parted –cul /dev/hda for IDE disk. . Once you enter parted prompt type print.You will be presented with a list of disk partitions. From this list you can confirm partition which you want to auto mount. Type quit to exit parted prompt.

3. Type blkid  /dev/sda5 ( In out case we are auto mounting partition sda5). Note the UUID of partition.

4. Now edit /etc/fstab. Type vi /etc/fstab. Press i (for entering into insert mode). Add an entry for your partition as below

UUID=”your UUID number”    /mnt/NTFS         ntfs       defaults            0    0

Press escape to exit insert mode. Now press   :wq!  for saving file.

Create a folder in /mnt with name NTFS.

Restart your system to check for working of your auto mount of partition.