How to add entry for Fedora to Windows boot loader using EasyBCD

You have installed you Fedora Linux boot loader in partition other than MBR. You have to add an entry to boot menu to get this OS running. Boot your computer to Windows 7. Now add an entry for Fedora 17 in the Windows boot menu. We have used EasyBCD in our Guide. I found it quite easy to do. EasyBCD is an application free for non-commercial use. Download and install it.

  1. Start EasyBCD.  [adsenseyu2]
  2. Now click on the Add New Entry tab, then on theLinux/BSD tab.
  3. Now in Type select GRUB2 from drop-down menu as is our case of Fedora 17.  In Name type Fedora 17. From the Drive menu, select the partition where GRUB was installed (it would take around 500Mb of space). Click on Add Entry.

Now reboot your computer Windows boot menu will now be showing entries for Fedora 17 and Windows 7.