How to embed a PowerPoint in another PowerPoint presentation – MS Office 2010

In case you want to insert from one PowerPoint presentation into another PowerPoint presentation, so as inserted PPT starts within the running PPT.

    1. Open the PowerPoint presentation, select the slide where you want to insert other presentation[adsenseyu2]
    2. On Insert tab and click Object. Select option Create from file.
    3. Browse to the presentation file you want to insert and select the ppt file, click Ok twice to close both windows. You will see that the presentation you’ve selected appear as a thumbnail on your slide.
    4. The inserted presentation can play by clicking on a presentation thumbnail in a slideshow view or automatically.
    5. To have it start playing automatically in PowerPoint 2010, go to the Animations tab, then select Custom Animation. Chose the inserted presentation thumbnail and click Add Effect -> Object Actions -> Show.
    6. To have the embedded presentation start playing automatically in PowerPoint 2010, select the thumbnail, go to the Animation tab, click Add Animation and select OLE Action Verbs. In the opened window select Show.
    7. Make sure to change the Start from “On Click” to “After Previous“.

Now you have a PowerPoint presentation with another PowerPoint presentation embedded. Also this presentation will run automatically once your previous slide of Main ppt ends.