Guide how to Create Website

Getting a website is very easy, you don’t need to learn programming or designing for putting a basic web page online. First you should be familiar with few terms like domain name – Name which you give to your website, Web-host server – Server where your website will be hosted.

Guide to Create Website

  1. Get your domain name registered – Registering your domain name requires you to register your domain name through domain registrar.  Domain registrar charges annual fee for same and gets your domain name registered to ICANN.[adsenseyu2]
  2. Get a Web-host – Web-host has several Server connected to internet which can host your website pages. You have option to opt for free web host or paid one. Once you have you have chosen your web host, register for services. Now you are ready to put you website online, once you have created your web pages. If you want to use blogging or CMS platforms like WordPress,  Drupal, Joomla etc you will need check up with web-host server that they support these platforms or not.
  3. Design your web pages – There are several WYSIWYG page editors available Dreamweaver (Commercial) and Kamodo Edit (Freeware) are few editor. Several paid and free templates are also available online which you can choose as per your requirement. CMS systems have their built-in editors.

Also you will need to drive traffic to you website, ensure your website is search engine ready. We cover this in coming articles shortly. You can submit your site to search engines – Google (Log into Google Webmaster Tools and submit your website) and Bing Webmaster submit Page (Login using Microsoft account to Bing web master tools this tools submits to yahoo as as bing search engine)

Now test your web pages on different Browsers Firefox, Internet explorer and Chrome popular browsers.

Once tested place this on web host.

This is a basic guide creating website. This topic is vast and further reading is suggested for advanced usage.

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