Boot loader installation Fedora 17 Dual boot with Windows 7

How to make Windows  Boot loader responsible for  Booting in Dual Boot Windows and  Fedora Linux

Fedora by default installs the boot loaders in the Master Boot Record (MBR) of a hard drive. That is the best location for it. When installing a dual-boot Windows and Fedora on a single hard drive, install the Linux boot loader on a separate boot partition, and have the Windows boot loader be responsible for dual-booting both operating systems.
The problem arises with Fedora boot loader in MBR is that if you re-install Windows, recover Windows or upgrade Windows, it will remove the Linux boot loader and install its Windows boot loader


During Fedora installation you are given a choice of locations for installing its boot loader.

When the Linux boot loader installed some place other than the MBR, an entry must be added to Windows boot menu, so that whenever the computer boots, Windows’ boot menu will present your with an option of Windows and Fedora.

To add entry of Linux to boot menu BCDedit or EasyBCD can be used.

Click on below link for Guide on how to use EasyBCD.

How to add entry for Fedora to Windows boot loader using EasyBCD