Sharing internet connection using Wifi ad hoc set up

What is Wifi Ad hoc Network

Wifi Ad hoc Network is allowing wireless devices to connect with each other without access points (routers). Each devices which is part of ad hoc network setup forwards ( routes) data to other devices. There are limitation of Wifi ad hoc network , when participating devices increase speed, packet drop , intermittent network disconnection create issues. Ad hoc network can be a temporary solution for network bu is not reliable in long run. This guide uses Windows 7 feature to creating Wifi access point via wifi ad hoc set up.

Sharing internet connection by creating Wifi Ad hoc Network

Before starting ensure that your Wifi connection is not connected. In case you are using Wifi for connecting to internet, you must have separate card for network card for sharing internet connection.

1. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Network and internet.


Wifi ad hoc Wizard Windows 7

Wifi Ad hoc Wizard

2. Now click on Network and Sharing Center.
3. Click on set up new connection or network. New connection wizard will appear.
4. Click on set up wireless ad hoc network.
5. Set up ad hoc network wizard instruction screen will appear. Again click on next.

6. Click on Next. An 7. Give network name and select security options. WPA2 is an option which can be selected. Enter password. Select save this network.


8. Wait while network is created.
9. Finally you will receive message that network is ready to use.

Now on client PC just select your created network as you would do with any normal Wi-Fi network.

10. Open Network and Sharing Center. From the left pane, click on Change adapter settings.

11. From list of your network adapters and connections select  Now right-click on your current network adapter with working Internet Connection and select Properties.

12. Now go to the sharing tab and Check the option – Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.

You are ready to go and share your internet connection now. Just connect any device to you Wifi ad hoc network.