How to grow Garlic in pot

Garlic is used across various region in cooking as well as medicine across various parts of world.

Grow Garlic in  Pot


You need to have few cloves of Garlic. Select bigger cloves as big healthy cloves will produces big bulb. It should be sown when temperature drops down to 20 Degree Celsius.

  1. Peel off Garlic bulb, selecting bigger cloves. Garlic available over the counter can be used
  2. Garlic roots go deep in Soil so a deep pot should be selected. Soil should be well draining.
  3. Sow them 3 inch deep and 4 inches apart.

Below is image 10 days after sowing clove



It takes four-five months for Garlic to form completely.  Its time to harvest when lower leaves of Garlic starts drying off. Basically it upon once judgment. Right time is when cloves have developed to fill skin.

As roots go deep in pot it best to dig out garlic rather than pulling it off