How to Mail merge in MS Word

Mail Merge is an option available in MS Word by which several similar documents can be generated by single document and single data source.
This Guide refers to Mail Merge option available in MS Word. In this Guide we are creating a test invitation

  1. Create a list of people you want to refer in Mail Merge. This list can be created in MS Excel ( Note: First Row should contain Headings – Refer to image below).

  2. Open MS Word create template for invitation.
    Once template is ready click on Mailing tab. Now click on select recipient list -> Use existing list. Browse to excel list created earlier.
  3. Now click insert merge field and insert required fields as necessary.
  4. Finally finish Merge by clicking on Finish and Merge button. Any of the available option can be selected.
    In case you want to save this Merge document click on edit individual document and Save it.