How to Linux – Data recovery – Windows OS crash with Knoppix

It may happen your windows OS crashes and you want to recover your data. There are several tools available but here we will be used live Linux cd to recover data.

Live Linux is where your a CD/DVD contains bootable operating system. Several version of Live Linux are available
Knoppix –
Fedora –
Ubuntu –
Live Images can be downloaded and burnt on CD/DVD. Optionally these CD/DVD images can be transferred to UBS drives in case you don’t have CD drive.

We are using Knopppix for here


  1. Switch on your PC with Knoppix Live CD/DVD inserted in CD/DVD drive. Boot with this CD/DVD. You might requires to make change in your boot sequence. This can be done by entering BIOS setup.
  2. Once you have booted into Knoppix select file manager ( Left bottom corner – Second Icon).

    File Manager
  3. Once file manager opens select on left pane sda1. It is your C drive, similarly other drives will also be visible. You can recover your data from your computer as required

This Linux live CD/DVD can be used as effective emergency rescue and data recovery. Very easily data can be rescued from crashed windows PC. This has been tested on Windows XP and below.