How to Grow Chrysanthemums


white_mumsChrysanthemums are beautiful flowering plants. Chrysanthemums varieties can be found in a vast range of colours, sizes and shapes. Not specific to any season Chrysanthemums can be grown any time except for winter (When there is chance of freezing). Chrysanthemums can be grown directly in the ground or potted.
Chrysanthemums are easy to be grown and are propagated by division of roots, cuttings and seeds.

Grow Chrysanthemums from cutting

1. Remove the lower half of the leaves from a 4-6 inch healthy, fresh cutting using a sharp clean cutter.
2. Dip about 3/4 inch of the cut end into a rooting hormone.
3. Create a hole about one inch deep in sterile moist sand/soil. Create a mini-greenhouse over the container with poly film over a wire frame/ 2 Litre. Soda bottle cut from bottom and place it in a bright spot
(NOT full sun) until the roots form.

Grow Chrysanthemums from Seeds

It is as easy to Chrysanthemums from seeds as its from cutting. The best time to grow Chrysanthemum from seed is spring, when weather is still warm.
Sow seeds 1 inch deep in potted soil. Keep the pot at warm place (best indoor). Care should be taken they get enough light. In 3-4 weeks time small plants will develop from these seeds. These are very fragile at this stage. These saplings can be moved outdoors once they have developed around 6-8 leaves.
After this stage care should be taken regarding that they get enough Sunlight, regular fertilizer and water.