Install Network printer in Windows XP


1. Driver of Printer ( A Driver CD is supplied with Printer by manufacturer or can be downloaded from manufacturer Website)
2. A Network Printer connected to network and configured


1. Firstly we will need to find IP address of Printer. For this press the Menu button on the printer, go to the Information option and select Print Configuration. On printed configuration you will find TCP/IP section where your IP address will be mentioned. It will be required later.
2. Now on computer on which you want to install. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel.
3. Click on "Printers & Faxes" Icon.
4. Double-click "Add Printer" to start the Add Printer Wizard. The Add Printer Wizard Welcome screen appears. Click Next
5. Local or Network Printer
Click "Local Printer"
There should be NO checkmark next to "Automatically detect and install."
Click Next
6. Next screen asks to select the printer port. Select Create new port -> TCP/IP Port option.
As the printer is a network printer with a IP address, we need to create a new port.
Click Next
7. Add a TCP/IP printer port screen appears. On the main wizard screen click Next.
In Printer Name or IP Address box, enter the IP address as in the printer configuration sheet printed earlier. Click Next.
8. Depending on the printer make you may get below end of the wizard dialog.
Click Next
9. If the network card for the printer cannot be identified, the wizard will ask you to choose the card type. You can leave the default of “Generic Network Card” and click Next.
Click Next
10. End of wizard screen will be reached.
Click Finish
11. Now continue with Add Printer wizard. Choose the printer from the list of manufacturers or click Have Disk. You require to have printer driver cd in the computer. Click Next
12. Enter the name for printer and click the Yes/No button for default printer as required by you. Click Next
13. Print Test Page now to check working of printer. Click Next.
14. End of wizard screen will be reached. Click Finish