How to grow tomato plant from seeds



Tomatoes are fruit – sweet, sour in taste and red in colour. Its one of the widely eaten fruit across world. Basic ingredient of every day cooking can be eaten raw as well as cooked. Nutritionally rich in Vitamin C, B and A, traces of mineral are also found.


Tomato is must have for every garden. Growing Tomato is easy, just a little care is needed for proper light and water. Loves warm sunny weather. This simple guide will help get seeds from tomato as well grow tomatoes in your garden from those seed.

Grow Tomatoes from seed

1). Get a tomatoes cut it into half. Remove pulp and seeds. Transfer it in a glass. Wash off pulp with water. Fill glass with water, unhealthy seeds will float on water. Finally after washing set seeds to dry. When seeds are completely dry they are ready for planting
2). Use standard potting mix to grow tomatoes in pot. Cover seeds with 1/4 inches of soil. Moisten soil. Select a warm sunny location for this pot. It will taken 7-10 days for seeds to germinate.
3). Once it is few inches tall and have developed 3-4 leaves they can be transplanted to ground or may be continued in pot.
4). Ensure plant is well supported as plant gets bigger, specially when fruit start coming plant tends to get heavier. A cage can be used for purpose.

A. Remove bottom leaves from plant as they are prone to fungal diseases.
B. Shake plant for 5-10 seconds regularly after flower appear to ensure proper pollination. It observed to increase fruits in plant. If your blossoms dry and drop – also know as blossom drop, shaking could help you out.
C. Plant should be adequately watered not over watered. Improper water will lead to blossom drop.