How to grow Basil from seeds


basilBasil is herb, originally from India – known as Tulsi in India. Growing Basil is relatively easy as long as the growing environments has suitable light and temperature levels.
Basil is grown for its fragrant tasty leaves. It is also known to have medicinal properties. Basil likes warm weather and requires winter protection. They can be grown outdoor and indoor with same ease – only care needed is they get enough sunlight. The most popular variety of Basil is Sweet Basil and Purple Basil (purple leaves).
How to get seeds from Plant.
Seeds are easily available or can be obtained from Basil plant. Just allow flower of Basil to dry. Take these dried flower crush them with fingers and you will see tiny little seeds.

Grow Basil from seed

1). Sow the seed thinly and if growing in pots sow enough for a few plants in each pot. Cover the seeds with 1/2 cm of compost and firm gently.
2). Basil seeds should germinate in about a week.
3). Basil needs a lot of sunlight around 6-8 hours a day. In summer protect your planting from direct Sunlight till its grown few inches.

Care for Basil plant

A. Basil likes a fertile soil that has been well dug to allow good soil air circulation. fertilise plant once a month
B. Removing flowers preserve the flavour in leaves and ensure more leaf growth.
C. If growing Basil in pots then ensure that adequate drainage is allowed from the base of the pot.