How to find network IP address & MAC address in Windows

Windows Network IP address

Modern computer support different kind of networks – Ethernet, Wireless network.
To join a network over TCP/IP network an IP address is required. Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) is widely used standard IP addresses. Although a newer standard Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is also emerging fast.
Main difference IPv4 address is 4 bytes in length where as IPv6 address is 16 bytes (128 bits) in length. Which enables latter to support higher number of IP addresses. In order to troubleshoot any Network problem, you may need to find Windows network IP address. This command also displays your mac address. MAC address is hardware address assigned by manufacturer at time of manufacturing network interface card. MAC address cannot be changed.

Procedure to find Network IP address in Windows

1. Go to Windows Menu Start ->Run and type “cmd”. This will open command prompt.
2. Type


on command prompt and press ENTER key.

network IP address in Windows PC

network IP address in Windows PC

3. Network details will be displayed. Windows IP configuration will be displayed. IP address will display current IP, followed by Subnet Mask and Gateway.

How to view MAC address of Windows PC

For a detailed view of your IP configuration command ipconfig can be used with option all.


ipconfig /all

on command prompt and press ENTER key. It will display Windows IP configuration along with description of your Network adapter, Physical address (MAC) address and above IP address details.

This guide applies to Windows XP, Windows 7 , Windows 8 and Windows 10.