Growing Rose from cutting


roseRose is most famous plant among flower lovers. Available is various colours and sizes , is a very hardy plant
Roses are ornamental flower plants grown across the world. Rose plants like full Sun and warm weather. They are known to be used for perfumes ,cut flower crops, landscaping, medicine and in foods for cooking.


Tools required

Sharp scissor
Rooting hormone
Jar/ 2 litre plastic bottle

Grow Rose from cutting

1. Choose a stem that is long and straight about 6″ long .
2. Cut the stem just below a group of leaves. Use sharp scissors to make a clean, straight cut without ragged edges.
3. Dip the cut end of the stem in root growth hormone if desired. Some homemade alternative of rooting hormones are willow bark tea or honey.
4. Remove all of the leaves from the stem except for the leaves on the top 1 inches.
5. Make a hole in soil using a pen or pencil about 3-4 inches deep. Depth should be so deep to accumulate not more than half of stem.
6. Plant the cutting in the hole, placing at least half of the stem below the soil.
7. Water the planting thoroughly.
8. Place a clean glass jar, with label removed, upside down over the cutting. Full sun should be avoided. Make sure that the soil around the stem is constantly kept moist. You may also cut the bottom off of a 2-litre bottle, and place the plastic bottle over the plant.
9. Water regularly, making sure the soil remains moist.
10. Wait. In 6-8 weeks cutting will develop roots. Ensure the jar is place till plant has over grown jar