Change boot order in dual boot Fedora

We have following how to change boot order in Fedora since its version 18. Over years procedure to change boot order has changed slightly. To change boot order in all newer version of Fedora will be covered in this article. First thing to note while installing Fedora GRUB is default boot loader of Fedora and after installation of Fedora on Windows system by default grub boot loader makes Fedora as default operating system. You will need to change default operating system in grub. You will need to run few commands to change default operating system if your Dual boot Fedora system.

Change Boot order Dual boot Fedora 29

This applies to Fedora 29 where default operating system in boot loader is changed from Fedora to Windows 7

    1. Check configuration file

      Run command

      vi /etc/default/grub

      and now save the file.

    2. Find default entry

      Look for entry GRUB_DEFAULT=saved. Edit it to number on with your windows operating system appear at Grub startup menu during boot. Remember first entry is 0 then 1 and so on. In my case it was  third entry in configuration file.


      Now save the file.

    3. Update grub.cfg

      Now to update GRUB run command.

      grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

      Reboot your system. Windows will be your default OS now.